Sprout & About: An augmented reality app


March 2019


University of Toronto Mississauga students and faculty


Professor Michael Corrin


Illustrator, Unity, Autodesk Maya


Augmented reality mobile app


Sprout and About is an augmented reality mobile app that teaches users about plants along the park trails at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. Users can scan glyphs to activate an augmented reality view of plants and read information regarding its life cycle, ecological significance, habitat and other additional facts. After developing a prototype of the mobile app in Unity, a formal usability test was conducted on six users to evaluate three things: (i) the the app navigation and design, (ii) the augmented reality functionality and (iii) the app user experience. More content coming soon!

Team Member Roles

Shirley Long: Lead Designer & 3D Asset Developer

Colleen Tang Poy: Lead Developer & Project Manager

Maurita Hung: Lead Researcher and Support Developer


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