Data visualization on bird biodiversity


April 2019


Ornithologists, bird watchers and enthusiasts


Dr. Jodie Jenkinson


HTML, CSS, D3.js


A novel data visualization strategy for visualizing and comparing bird biodiversity. This approach provides a visual summary of the eBird Observation Dataset by showing the frequencies of all reported bird species in a condensed format. It organizes the data based on taxonomic classification and applies Schneideran's visual information seeking mantra. Access the interactive data visualization by clicking the website above or by visiting this link. Technical support was provided by Derek Ng and Michael Corrin, faculty members of the Biomedical Communications Department.


  1. (25th March 2019) GBIF Occurrence Download
  2. (1st March 2019) GBIF Occurrence Download
  3. D3 sunburst visualization code obtained from
  4. Colour schemes were obtained from ColorBrewer scales at